About Sydney

i love my family, diy & bringing old homes back to life

I’ve been around home renovations my entire life. My parents have always been into fixing up houses and moving us all over our small town. Within the last couple years, I’ve realized it was my passion. There is truly no better feeling than seeing an old neglected home get the love it really deserves. It’s almost an addiction.

My husband, Max, and I moved to Omaha in 2019 after both of our jobs were here. We lived in a beautiful craftsman close to downtown. I touched about every crevasse of that house doing projects until I literally had to tell myself to stop, because I wasn’t bringing anymore money into the resale value.

One day I asked Max if he would be opposed to moving as the housing market was crazy and we could really make some money on our house, as well as buying another home to fix up and eventually make more money on. He said he would be interested if we could find the right home.

That’s when I found our house on Zillow. A foreclosure auction. I had no idea how that worked but I needed to see if we could figure it out. It was across the river in Council Bluffs, which had a smaller town vibe, which Max and I liked and in a beautiful old neighborhood.

We (SOMEHOW) figured out a way to buy it. That’s a whole other story. I was so incredibly excited and nervous because we still had to attend the actual auction and bid on it, with people who really knew what they were doing. Naturally, after trying for 6 months, two days before the auction, I took a pregnancy test and of course, we were pregnant. Great timing lol! But we decided to still go through with the auction because we’re just that crazy!

So now we have our beautiful baby girl, Sutton Jayne, and a beautiful house to raise her in…FOR NOW 😉